5 tips for changing your wardrobe

When the season change arrives, it is also time to think about the dreaded wardrobe change. Now that the last remnants of summer are drawing to a close, it's time to pull out coats, sweaters and long pants and put all the summer stuff away in various boxes and containers. If each time this procedure seems more and more tiring and you feel discouraged even before starting, equip yourself with a pen and paper and write down these very useful tips to change the wardrobe without too much effort.

1. Don't postpone It might seem like a trivial piece of advice, but postponing the change of season will only make you more tired. Going back to the last minute is absolutely counterproductive, because not only will you have less and less desire to do it, but you will not even have the seasonal clothes at hand. As a result you will be forced to buy more, which will mix with the garments you currently have in the closet, thus creating a real chaos. Twice a year, therefore, take your time and change seasons. The best times are the months of April / May for changing the wardrobe in view of the summer and the month of September for changing the winter wardrobe.

2. Empty the entire wardrobe The first step to take when changing the cabinet is to empty it completely. As you remove the clothes from the wardrobe, divide them by winter season and by summer season, even if they are not folded perfectly it does not matter, as long as they are already divided into two piles. This way you will have less effort when you go to put them away. Furthermore, having the wardrobe completely empty, you will be able to realize how much space you actually have available and how you can organize it in an optimal way. Now that you have all your clothes out, you will surely have realized how many clothes you have and what you are missing for next season, because there will certainly be something that you are missing! Also, you will surely be amazed to have all these dresses, admit someone you just forgot about!

3. Carry out a general cleaning The second step to take to carry out an ad hoc season change is to clean the wardrobe internally; surely you will not have thought about dusting it during the rest of the year so this is the only time you can do a good cleaning. Get a microfiber cloth and hot water with a drop of delicate degreaser and clean the interiors, drawers and shelves included. Leave to dry perfectly and if you wish you can hang laundry perfume bags.

4. Evaluate what to keep and what to throw away The moment of the change of season is also the ideal time to evaluate which items to keep, throw away or give away. Sometimes it is difficult to part with some items, but if they no longer fit you or they are ruined, now is the time to let them go.

5. Put everything away in an orderly manner Now the question you will ask yourself is: how do I organize everything? The simplest and most tidy way to arrange the wardrobe is to divide it into sections: therefore each garment has its own space. Also, to make the task easier, you could already divide everything by occasion: clothes for home, for work, for going out. This will make it much easier for you to create different looks for each occasion. As for the clothes to put away until the next change of season, equip yourself with many boxes and after having washed and dried them, put them away by separating them already by category. This will make it so much easier when you have to make the next season change!

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Create your own extraordinary style

In the world we live in today, fashion occupies a very important place in the lives of young people, above all. We try to appear, to show off, to keep up with the times. It is true that fashion provides information on clothing and greatly influences the choices of young people, but everyone should have their own style. Do you like to wear comfortable clothes and leave the sophisticated things aside? What is right for you is the casual style, which was in fashion especially in the 90s and now back in vogue. This guide aims to give tips to ensure that everyone finds a personal style of clothing.

Here are our useful tips:

  • The first step is not to focus only on the trends of the moment, but to broaden the horizons by purchasing a classic item of clothing. Yes, it is true that fashion is fashion, but evergreen clothing never leaves the scene. In fact, a classic style coat or bag can never be missing in the wardrobe. The classic has no time in fact, the casual style of the 90s fully plays the role of the classic.
  • The second tip is to focus on simplicity . If you are undecided about what to wear on a particular occasion, important or not, it is better to choose something simple, which is not too much but not too little. If you can't find the right match for a ceremony, for example, it is a good idea to choose something simple, which is not too flashy but which is, at the same time, quite elegant.
  • The third piece of advice, especially dedicated to women, is to focus on accessories . Those who follow fashion know that much of the appearance is given by the "outline" not so much by the dress. So, after choosing the ideal clothing for the occasion, it is useful to combine the appropriate jewels, and therefore a necklace, some bracelets and a nice pair of earrings. Among the feminine accessories we also find the bag, something for the hair and a belt. But if you are not used to wearing multiple accessories, the advice is to wear them one at a time to get used to the idea.
  • The fourth tip is called " the third element ". This rule is especially true if you choose to wear a basic outfit. In fact, if your favorite look is minimal, a third garment that is different from everything else, which you "break", definitely makes the difference. It is this "something more" that defines the style. For example, wearing jeans that are tight, wide, flared, high-waisted or in any other way, and a very simple sweater, the third element that completes the look is a coat that stands out because it is particular. The third accessory can also be a clutch or simply a pair of heels that make the difference. The casual 90s style suggests a colorful bag or an extravagant accessory as a third element.
  • The fifth tip is to focus on the right brands , choosing the brands that are in fashion. Obviously this is a secondary suggestion because, as we all know, a branded coat or a designer bag have high costs, sometimes even excessive. But your style is not dictated by the brand, but by knowing how to combine the right garments. This means that you can be fashionable even if you don't spend a lot of money.

A few more indications There are many steps to follow to create your own style of clothing. It is essential to pay attention to the labels of the garments to avoid damaging them during washing. It is good to use the right temperatures to prevent the sweater from felting, the sweater shrinking or simply ruining the garments. Shoes play a fundamental role in style, but they are always a dilemma for women: flats or heels? It is the situation in question that chooses the right shoe, for example for an important event it is good to wear a heel to be more elegant, and so on. Why not opt ​​for a streetwear fashion style? This is nothing more than a casual clothing style that was in vogue in the 90s and used by young contemporaries.

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All-white sporty chich look

If you are looking for a trendy style, you are in the right place: below you will be shown several tips to create a unique and trendy combination. The white color is not only related to the typical wedding dress, but it is also synonymous with elegance, refinement and above all style. However, it is not easy to combine compared to the other colors. White is certainly chic, but this connotation can be mitigated by wearing sports clothing, but still of great class. This type of outfit certainly does not go unnoticed also because the combination can be complex, however it gives an invaluable beauty to the one who wears it. The look will be fashionable at the same time.

New trends

A real trend, which has been spreading in recent years and which is alongside the sporty chic style, is fashion streetwear. This latest version has been defined as urban fashion, a more casual clothing, which has dressed the best Italian and youth singers who have made history, including Marracash and Guè Pequeno. As already mentioned a little while ago, the sporty chic style provides that an elegant garment is combined with a sporty one. The first clothing can vary from shirts to pants or simply accessories. It is particularly used by influencers such as Chiara Ferragni or other actresses and singers, such as Selena Gomez. In particular, this article will recommend how to reproduce one, totally white and trendy.

What and how to combine

  • First step: you must, first of all, choose the clothing that is most fashionable. Accordingly, depending on the season, the type of fabric will vary. For example, winter will be dominated by a chic and glamorous look in wool, while in summer the use of light cotton will prevail. Therefore, it is good to identify a garment to be subsequently combined with another, sporty or chic, depending on the first. In addition, sweatshirts and tracksuits are recommended for gloomy days, or sandals and t-shirts for sultry ones.
  • Second step: after carefully choosing the elements of your outfit, you will need to check the colors. In fact, a contrast, even just between different shades of white, can give a new light to your look. For example, a cream-colored leather jacket goes wonderfully with a basic white lace shirt. Of course this factor turns out to be personal and, for this very reason, it varies according to the tastes, preferences, needs and needs of the individual. Furthermore, white can be divided into various shades: ivory, antique, zinc, ghost, floral, smoke, milk and Navajo, but already more tending to yellow. It is very important to avoid wearing the same shades of white to avoid creating an effect that is too pungent and unpleasant to the eye.
  • Third step: also relevant are the accessories, which give a touch of uniqueness to the person. With this term we mean earrings, belts, hats, and, at the same time, glasses, gloves, bracelets, necklaces, pins and fans. These are aspects that must absolutely be taken into consideration to give sportswear a touch of class and to obtain combinations that follow the trends of the moment.
  • Fourth step: A woman is not complete without the right shoes. Usually, however, in order not to seem trashy or out of place, there is a precise rule. With long skirts it is good to wear high heels, which slender the figure, while with shorter ones it is advisable to choose flat, then low-heeled shoes such as sandals or ballet flats. However, for a true sporty chic look, it is perfect to wear sneakers or pumps.
  • Fifth step: finally, presented at best also by inserting objects that can differentiate you, such as the clutch bag, preferably signed if present in your closet.
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