5 tips for changing your wardrobe

When the season change arrives, it is also time to think about the dreaded wardrobe change. Now that the last remnants of summer are drawing to a close, it's time to pull out coats, sweaters and long pants and put all the summer stuff away in various boxes and containers. If each time this procedure seems more and more tiring and you feel discouraged even before starting, equip yourself with a pen and paper and write down these very useful tips to change the wardrobe without too much effort.

1. Don't postpone It might seem like a trivial piece of advice, but postponing the change of season will only make you more tired. Going back to the last minute is absolutely counterproductive, because not only will you have less and less desire to do it, but you will not even have the seasonal clothes at hand. As a result you will be forced to buy more, which will mix with the garments you currently have in the closet, thus creating a real chaos. Twice a year, therefore, take your time and change seasons. The best times are the months of April / May for changing the wardrobe in view of the summer and the month of September for changing the winter wardrobe.

2. Empty the entire wardrobe The first step to take when changing the cabinet is to empty it completely. As you remove the clothes from the wardrobe, divide them by winter season and by summer season, even if they are not folded perfectly it does not matter, as long as they are already divided into two piles. This way you will have less effort when you go to put them away. Furthermore, having the wardrobe completely empty, you will be able to realize how much space you actually have available and how you can organize it in an optimal way. Now that you have all your clothes out, you will surely have realized how many clothes you have and what you are missing for next season, because there will certainly be something that you are missing! Also, you will surely be amazed to have all these dresses, admit someone you just forgot about!

3. Carry out a general cleaning The second step to take to carry out an ad hoc season change is to clean the wardrobe internally; surely you will not have thought about dusting it during the rest of the year so this is the only time you can do a good cleaning. Get a microfiber cloth and hot water with a drop of delicate degreaser and clean the interiors, drawers and shelves included. Leave to dry perfectly and if you wish you can hang laundry perfume bags.

4. Evaluate what to keep and what to throw away The moment of the change of season is also the ideal time to evaluate which items to keep, throw away or give away. Sometimes it is difficult to part with some items, but if they no longer fit you or they are ruined, now is the time to let them go.

5. Put everything away in an orderly manner Now the question you will ask yourself is: how do I organize everything? The simplest and most tidy way to arrange the wardrobe is to divide it into sections: therefore each garment has its own space. Also, to make the task easier, you could already divide everything by occasion: clothes for home, for work, for going out. This will make it much easier for you to create different looks for each occasion. As for the clothes to put away until the next change of season, equip yourself with many boxes and after having washed and dried them, put them away by separating them already by category. This will make it so much easier when you have to make the next season change!

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