J.B4 a story of creativity and passion for a non-ordinary style

the beginning of the story: 2015

The Just Before brand, known as J.B4, is based at Centergross, in the Bologna area.

In 2015, a group of guys, trend researchers and fashion enthusiasts, decides, purely for fun, to found a new brand, with a non-ordinary, irreverent style and capable of distinguishing itself.

The J.B4 brand begins to make itself known when Mathias Borghi, founder and current creative director, invents the iconic cap The Speaking Beanie.

It is the turning point: the brand achieves great success. In a short time, 200 shops in Italy were selling the Speaking Beanie in their windows, which is highly sought after by both professionals and customers.

2015 backstage

J.B4 the beginning of the story

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personalize and mail: speaking beanie

One of the points of J.B4's philosophy is that the choice of clothing should be an expression of oneself, that through what one wears one can communicate who one is. Furthermore, the Speaking Beanie lends itself to the social wearing: a fun accessory to wear and customize that you can photograph and post on social media, creating content that can go viral.

J.B4 has designed a hat with Velcro bands, one front and one back, on which patches can be applied as desired. The proposed patches are fun and irreverent. Alongside these, the hat is also supplied with a table of characters that can be used to form sentences to be applied to the hat.

An original and witty idea that allows the wearer of the Speaking Beanie to customize their own accessory and express what they think.


Following the success of the Speaking Beanie, the creative director Mathias Borghi, supported by his team of designers, put his creativity and flair to the test in creating innovative products in the streetwear field.

In fact, initially the clothing proposal saw only one annual collection of a few items with an identifying style. They were sportswear and knitwear for both him and her. The models were unisex, with a comfortable fit and always characterized by the J.B4 logo.

towards the total look

Given the success achieved by this first collection and driven by passion and the desire to put themselves to the test, the guys from the style office launched themselves towards a more fashionable and refined proposal. Guided by the search for a perfect balance between style and functionality, the J.B4 collections have evolved into sophisticated expressions, without losing sight of the elements that made the brand original.

the collections today

To date, the brand creates two annual collections: spring/summer and autumn/winter.

The evergreens of the collections, both for him and for her, are the tracksuits, proposed as suits or separates. Alongside these, the
T-shirts complete the sports section with a street style touch.

women's collection

For her, the collections are richer in models and colors. They range from elegant trousers to jeans, from basic knitwear to original design sweaters, up to dresses with a feminine cut. They are garments with an elegant and chic soul, but also comfortable and comfortable. As one of the brand's mantras says, Not Ordinary Style, the idea is to give the possibility to every type of
woman to combine different garments together and be able to create her own original outfit.